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  1. After independence, approximately 30,000 service documents of non-effective Nepal domiciled Gorkha soldiers were handed over to the Chancery of Embassy of India, Kathmandu (Nepal) by British Legation at Kathmandu. The documents were then handed over to the Military Pension Branch during the year 1955-56. The Record Office in Kathmandu was established in 1960 under the aegis of the Defence Wing, Embassy of India, primarily to attend to the pension claims of our ex-servicemen and maintenance of their 30,000 documents. Record Office Indian Embassy, Kathmandu is now responsible for the maintenance of approximately 90,000 service documents, in addition to thousands of pension related cases increased as a result of decision of Govt of India to grant family pension to Pre-64 retirees, 100% endorsement of family pension in respect of pre-1989 retirees, restoration of family pension to Liberalized and special family pension awardees and various revisions of pension consequent to award of 6th Central Pay Commission.
  2. The Record Office in Kathmandu functions for Nepal domiciled Gorkha soldiers of the Indian Army who are drawing pension from various Pension Disbursement Agencies in Nepal. The functions of Record Office in Kathmandu, which is the only one of its type in a foreign country, are more complex than those of other non-effective Record Offices located in India. Apart from its duties like any non-effective Record Offices in India, the Record Office in Kathmandu is vested with the authority to investigate and project the genuine family pension claims to the Pension Sanctioning Authority in India vide Paragraph 174 of the Regulations for the Army 1987.

Charter of Duties of Record Office

  1. Maintenance of service documents and documentation of non-effective personnel, both pensioners who are drawing their pensions in Nepal as also the non-pensioners who are residing in Nepal.
  2. Investigation of liberalized family pension and special family pension claims of all heirs to Indian Army Gorkha Soldiers of Nepal domiciled, as required vide Para 174 of the Regulations for the Army - 1987 (Revised Edition) and progressing them with PCDA(P), Allahabad till finality.
  3. Investigation of ordinary family pension claims (including pre-64 and marriage after retirement cases) as per Para 174 (m) (ii) of the Regulations for the Army - 1987 (Revised Edition) and progressing them with PCDA (P) Allahabad till finality.
  4. Revision of all types of pensions affected under various revision policies being issued from time to time by Government of India through PCDA(P).
  5. Attending to all correspondence, appeals, representations pertaining to service pension, gratuity and other pensionary benefits received from serving and ex-servicemen/their dependants and progress them till finalisation.
  6. Investigation, preparation and submission of claims to PCDA(P) Allahabad for endorsement of family pension in the Pension Payment Orders of those living pensioners who retied prior to 1986.
  7. Receipt and disposal of pension payment orders/pension certificates received from PCDA (P) Allahabad/Record Offices in India.
  8. Receipt, disposal and payment of amounts against payment authorities received from various Record Offices in India on account of final settlement of accounts and credits.
  9. Receipt and issue of extended Army Group Insurance scheme certificates in respect of retiring personnel being received from various Record Offices in India.
  10. Investigation, preparation and submission of Extended Army Group Insurance claims and payment to the Next of Kin.
  11. Investigation, preparation and submission of Army Group Insurance claims and payment of various death/retirement benefits to the pensioner/next of kin.
  12. Processing of all claims for refund of Medical Benefit Scheme.
  13. Payment of family allotment and maintenance allowance to the families of serving soldiers whose families are residing in Nepal.
  14. Payment on account of final settlement of account of deceased soldiers.
  15. Receipt, maintenance of accounts and payment of AFPP Fund/Death Linked Insurance Scheme amounts being received from various Record Offices in India.
  16. Issue of service particulars as substitute in case of loss of discharge book.
  17. Verification of previous Military Service for re-employment in Government/Civil departments in India or Nepal.
  18. Verification of applications of children of ex-servicemen for grant of concessions from various welfare schemes including admissions in various colleges/universities.
  19. Verification of applications for claiming children education allowance.
  20. Verification of applications for issue of ex-servicemen Identity Cards.
  21. Receipt, accounting and disposal of medals/stars received from various Record Offices in India.
  22. Establishment of Record Office detachment with each Seasonal Pension Paying Camp conducted by Pension Paying Offices of this Embassy in the interiors of Nepal for progressing of family pension cases and making payment of Army Group Insurance and Armed Forces Personal Provident Fund and other pre and post retirement dues.
  23. Verification of various matters with civil authorities in Nepal in respect of serving Gorkha personnel of Indian Army referred to Record Office Indian Embassy, Kathmandu by various Record Offices and Units in India.
  24. Issue of Educational Entitlement Cards to the wards of battle casualties as authorized by the Government of India.
  25. Issue of relationship certificate to the wards of ex-servicemen for enrolment into Indian Army.
  26. Issue of Retired Officers’ Identity cards to the Honorary Commissioned JCOs on receipt from respective Regt Centre.
  27. Issue of badges of sacrifices and cert of Honours to the war widows/next of Kin.
  28. Verification of ECHS applications submitted by ex-servicemen/ their dependants.
  29. Act as a link between all the Record Offices in India and ex-servicemen belonging to Nepal for all types of documentation.

List of Documents Required

  1. To ensure fruitful visit to ROIE, a prior intimation process has been commenced to facilitate ROIE in advance preparation of documents pertaining to the visiting pensioner / claimant. Also, ROIE is making contact to the pensioners / claimants for speedy finalization of the case.
  2. For all kind of assistance, following three Helpline Numbers have been established :- 01-4416619, 9721309555 and 9813067670
  3. Rallies are being conducted in regular intervals at various locations for prompt resolution of family pension cases.
  4. Monday & Friday is being observed as ‘No Visitors Day’ to facilitate onward submission of verified pension claims.
  5. Requirement of documents for various purposes have been minimized. The essential documents required for various purposes are as under :-


Type of Cases

Documents Required


- Death Certificate of Pensioner.

- Complete Family details from CDO.

- Copy of Nagarikta Praman Patra of claimant and ESM.

- Voter ID Card (if held)

- Re-marriage / Non re-marriage cert.


- Copy of Nagarikta Praman Patra of self, father & mother.

- Death certificate of pensioner (Father / Mother) drawn last pension.

- Educational certificate.

- Family details from CDO.


- Copy of Nagarikta Praman Patra self & wife.

- Family details from CDO.

Part II Order

- Declaration certificate.

- Death/Birth/Marriage certificate from Registrar.