Embassy of India, Kathmandu, Nepal

Press, Information and Culture (PIC)

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PIC Contact Address

Sh. Roshan Lepcha
Second Secretary (Press, Information and Culture)
4413174 4420129 cpic.kathmandu@mea.gov.in

Sh. Raghubir Sharma
Attache (HIC)
4428281 4420129 atthic.kathmandu@mea.gov.in
Sh. M.C.Sharma
4243497 4255414 lib.kathmandu@mea.gov.in
Sh. Govinda Shah
Program Officer (BPKF)
4423006 4420129 bpkf.kathmandu@mea.gov.in
Ms. Sabina Dhakal
4428281 4420129 translator.ktm@mea.gov.in

Press, Information and Culture (PIC)