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Tender Notice to develop Indian Embassy’s Website

December 8, 2017



Embassy of India


(PIC Wing)



Tender Notice to develop Indian Embassy’s Website



Sealed tenders are invited directly from reputed and experienced website developers to develop Indian Embassy’s website with the following development/designing particulars:


1. Home page design with dynamic animated banner

2. Responsive layout for mobile and gadgets

3. Content Management System development

4. Embassy wings and its information pages

5. Resources Gallery

6. Regular Notice & Tender

7. Social Media

8. Data Migration & Content Fill-up

9. Online submission of data which may be retained at server

 end and could be accessed by the Embassy as per




The quotation should include maximum corporate discount for developing the website and the rate should be given with VAT or Without VAT clearly. The last date of receipt of offer in sealed envelope is on or before 01st January, 2018 upto 05:00 PM. Interested parties are requested to contact FS (PIC), PIC Wing at the Embassy of India, 336 Kapurdhara Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal through email cpic.kathmandu@mea.gov.in or phone 01-4413174 between 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM for enquiries, if any.






Ruby Jaspreet Sharma

First Secretary (PIC)



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