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Pension Branch


The Military Pension Branch of the Embassy of India is responsible for payment of pension and other dues to the Nepalese ex-servicemen and their families residing in Nepal.  Prior to Independence in 1947, ex-servicemen and their families were drawing pension from border treasuries in India.  After India’s independence the responsibility of pension payment was taken over by the Indian Embassy.  The first Military Attaché posted in 1949 took over the responsibilities thereafter.  In 1950, some 300 disabled ex-servicemen drawing their pension from Pokhara Mal Adda (equivalent to a District Treasury) petitioned the Ambassador that they had not received their pensions for the last two years.  The Military Attaché was tasked to set up a temporary camp at Pokhara so that these ex-servicemen could get their dues.   Thus, the concept of pension payment camps in the interior areas came into being as it ensured timely payment of pension near the homes of the pensioner saving their money, time and effort to come to collect pensions.




1.    Initially, temporary pension camps were established at Pokhara in 1955 and Dhankutta in 1959. These were converted into permanent pension paying offices in 1960. The Dhankutta camp then shifted to Dharan in 1968. Presently the Embassy also conducts 36 Seasonal Pension Paying Camps annually, in the interiors of Nepal, for the convenience of ex-servicemen.


2.    The Military Pension Branch alongwith its offices at Pokhara and Dharan caters to more than one lac twenty five thousand five hundred Defence, Para-Military and Civil Pensioners who have opted to draw their pensions in Nepal. Apart from pension payment, our officers during these camps ensure that all requirements of the pensioners in terms of Medical, Educational Scholarships, Army Group Insurance claims etc are all dealt with under the concept of ‘single window’  thereby obviating the need for the pensioners to report at different places.


3.    In the last five years pension disbursed to Defence and Civil pensioners who retired from India has been :-


    In Indian Rupees Nepalese Rupees Equivalent
(a) 2011-2012 1,226.70  Crores 1,962.72  Crores 
(b) 2012-2013 1,386.76  Crores 2,218.81  Crores
(c) 2013-2014 1,569.99  Crores 2,511.98  Crores 
(d)  2014-2015 1,730.00 Crores 2,768.00 Crores
(e) 2015-2016 1,974.92 Crores 3,159.87 Crores