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Welfare Branch


India has always been extremely proud to have Nepal domiciled soldiers in her Defence Forces. In recognition of this rich legacy, Govt of India is making every effort to ensure that the Nepal domiciled veterans are looked after and cared for in their twilight years. 


As of now, we have over 1.26 Lac ex-servicemen residing in Nepal. It has been a constant earnest endeavor of the Government of India to ensure that these brave ex-servicemen, their families and dependents are properly looked after in the best possible manner. To assure the welfare of our veterans in Nepal, the Government of India is channelizing all efforts through "Indian Ex-Servicemen Welfare Organization in Nepal (IEWON)" functioning within the Embassy of India under the Chairmanship of Ambassador of India to Nepal.


Welfare Activities


Various welfare activities of our Ex-servicemen are being undertaken in the remotest areas of Nepal where our brave ex-servicemen have settle down, to lead a peaceful and contended retired life. The aim is to reach out of all our pensioners in their respective areas of domiciled. To implement our welfare scheme, we have 22 District Soldiers Boards (DSBs) functioning in various locations in Nepal, from Baitadi in the West to Ilam in the East. The Welfare Branch which came into subsistence in early Fifties has effectively transformed itself in accordance with contemporary welfare aspirations of our NDG pensioners. For the purpose of disbursement of pension, apart from Military Pension Branch (MPB) in Kathmandu, two pension paying offices are functioning at Pokhara and Dharan.


Medical Facilities


Post retirement, our veterans are settled in far-flung remote areas of Nepal where access to requisite medical facilities is much desired. To offset this, Govt of India has commenced numerous innovative medical programs to provide quality medical care to our Bhu Puus  and their dependents. 10 to 15 Medical Welfare Teams visit Nepal every year consisting of medical, Eye & Dental Specialists. In addition we have Medical Inspection Rooms at Kathmandu, Pokhara and Dharan. These MI Rooms are fully equipped with X- Ray, Pathology Lab, ECG and other essentials facilities. In addition, the Ex-servicemen can visit Army Hospital in India for availing free treatment. Most importantly, GoI has also commenced Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) in Nepal which facilitates cashless medical treatment of our ex-servicemen in Nepal. Under ECHS, three fully equipped Polyclinics are operating at Kathmandu, Pokhara and Dharan. For diseases requiring specialist medical treatment and advanced surgeries, prominent hospitals have been empanelled in Nepal.


Drinking Water Projects (DWPs)


DWP is a unique welfare program sponsored by the Ministry of External Affairs of GoI which has successfully influenced lives of our ESM and others residing in water scarce areas of Nepal. Stores such as high density GI pipes, CGI sheets, pumps, taps, cement and other essential hardware items are provided to local committees for water projects. Stores are transported by us to the road head nearest to the village from where it is further carried through Community Service (Shram Daan) by the villagers, duly channelized by our ex-servicemen. So far 1061 water projects have been implemented in various remote areas of Nepal.



Educational Scholarships


To assist our ex-servicemen in educating their children, numerous scholarships schemes are being implemented. A brief gist is as under :-


Rate of Scholarship


General Education

NRs 2500/- per annum (p a) for class V to X.
NRs 4000/- p a for XI to Graduation level.

133 Students

Higher Education

NRs 20,000/- (One Time Grant) for professional courses like BE, MBBS, BDS, BCA, BYNS, MBA, MCA etc.

14 Students

Teacher’s Training

NRs 10,000/- per annum for B.Ed or M.Ed.


Handicapped, Blind, Deaf & Dumb wards

NRs 10,000/- per annum for class V up to Graduation level.



CEA to wards of War Casualties

Complete Monetary Reimbursement is Applicable.

Tuition Fees        -  Full reimbursement

Hostel Charges   -  Full reimbursement except messing.

Stationery            -  NRs. 1600/- per annum.

Uniform                - NRs. 2720/- for 1st year
NRs. 1120/- for later years

Clothing               -  NRs. 800/- for 1st year
NRs. 480/- for later years


NRs. 2,57,62,019/-
was provided to 253 wards


Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Scheme

NRs 24,000/- per annum for Class XI up to XII.
(25 seats are reserved for wards of ESM)

28 Students

Golden Jubilee Scholarship Scheme

For students pursuing studies in Medical, Engineering or other Bachelor courses.
NRs 48,000/- per annum for medical disciplines.
NRs 36,000/- per annum for other disciplines.
(05 seats are reserved for wards of ESM)

05 students

Bachelor of
Engineering (B.E)

02 seats are reserved for wards of ESM.

02 students




Financial Assistance to Schools

Financial assistance is also being provided to those Schools where a majority of the children studying are wards of ex-servicemen. Assistance is provided for expansion and repair of existing school buildings, purchase of computers, furniture, books, sports equipment etc. Eight schools were assisted during 2015-16.



Vocational Trainings Schools


Wards of Ex-servicemen are being trained in common vocational skills like stitching and knitting, in order to enhance their opportunities for earning livelihood. The courses are being conducted at selected District Soldiers boards so that wards living in farthest areas can be benefitted.



Army Central Welfare Fund


Destitute ex-servicemen are being given distress grants out of Army Central Welfare Fund. Present rates of assistance are as under :-



a. Junior Commissioned Officers NRs 12,800 /-
b.  Other Ranks NRs 9,600 /-
c. Widows / Dependent of JCOs NRs 9600 /-
d. Widows / Dependents of OR NRs 6400 /-



Demise Grant


Demise Grant of NRs 11,200/- is being paid to all reporting Next of Kin’s of deceased ex-servicemen.



Welfare Project Buses


Defence Wing has 04 buses (one each at Kathmandu and Dharan and two at PPO Pokhara) for utilization for welfare related activities of our ex-servicemen in Nepal. Buses are being utilized for movement of the Indian Army Medical welfare Teams, Seasonal Pension Paying Teams, conveyance of ex-servicemen from Pokhara to Kathmandu for their documentation related requirements and for miscellaneous welfare duties within Nepal.



Nepal Bharat Maitri Vidhyalaya (NBMV)


NBMV is being run under the aegis of Pension Paying Office Pokhara within PPO complex. It has been upgraded to class XII. The school follows the syllabus of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The new building for the school has been constructed with Govt of India’s financial aid. With excellent academic results achieved successive years, the School is positively living up to the educational welfare aspirations of the ex-servicemen at and around Pokhara.